City of Forest Park Recall’s Petitions is Up for the Mayor & City Council Members, another Clayton County In serious Trouble and Who is Running The City? Its not the Mayor & Council



To: Concerned Citizens of the City of Forest Park

Re: Recall Application 

Recent acts by our city council have demonstrated that our city is going backwards and that our elected officials do not care about our city or about following their own rules. They have violated their oaths of office by ignoring and violating provisions of the City’s Charter, and by failing to perform their duties and promote the interest of the City as they have allowed their decisions to be directed, dictated, and influenced by outside and special interest groups.  Such groups include Kevin Thomas, under the guise of the Clayton County Democratic Party, and the Adult Entertainment establishment which seeks to return to the City by having this City Council overturn the present Adult Entertainment Ordinance.

Such acts of this Mayor and Council consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Forcing John Parker, the City Manager to resign, when Mr. Parker brought the City out of the “red” and into the “black”, and put the City in the position of being the only City in Clayton County, and one of the few in the entire southeastern United States, to be debt-free. He was replaced with a friend of the Mayor, who has absolutely no experience in managing a city, FOR A SALARY OF $121,000.00.

  1. Authorizing a pay-off of $35,000.00 to former Councilmember Karen Brandee-Williams, who was also supported by Kevin Thomas and the Adult Entertainment establishment.  This pay-off for a chair was actually for her supporting the election of Mayor David Lockhart. The pay-off was not voted on by City Council, but the citizens still have to pay for it.

We do not need these outsiders running our City through those elected officials whose campaigns were partially or completely funded by these outsiders.

We must re-take control of our City. Two such elected officials are up for re-election in November, David Lockhart and Tommy Smith. Vote them out!!! The other two such elected officials, Maudie McCord and Latresa Atkins, also need to be removed due to the fact they have two more years to continue hurting the City.  That is why we are starting the process to have them recalled before any more damage can be done to our great City.

Please join us in this effort.

Together we can take our City back!!