Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson and Her Office Dedicated Employees

This Reporter wants to tell the readers of what a great job Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson and her office of hard working dedicated employees that is really trying to clean up Clayton County from Crooked Elected Officials and their cronies that are connected to these low life crooked elected officials, which also includes Crooked County Officials, Department Heads and other employees that may stray away from Justice or just being honest and hard working like most of the other Clayton County Employees.

I hope that the readers agree with this reporter that this is the best Clayton County DA and her office of hard working and dedicated employees that Clayton County has had in many years. Personally this is so freshing to see and it also gives hope to Clayton County and its taxpayers ( Citizens ).

Present or Past Cases:

1: Victor Hill

2: Clayton County Commissioners Singleton, Ralph, Hambrick, Clayton County Manger Wade Starr and the Clayton County Finance Director Angela Jackson.

Breaking News Update:

It aapears that the Clayton County Finance Director Angela Jackson, got out of being subpoenaed to the Grand Jury. But what this AssClown does not know that she could be called as a ” Hostile Witness “, for the States Case before any court or Grand Jury, which most of the Clayton County Citizens (Taxpayers) want to happen.

As there is another little dirty secret that Clayton County Manger Wade Starr, and Clayton County Finance Director Angela Jackson, and Commissioners Ralph, Singleton, and Hambrick has been hiding from yes the Citizens ( Taxpayers ) of Clayton County since 2006, as they been holding up open records request from other citizens and other Clayton County Commissioners asking for all infomation on the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Local Assistance Grant # 156 that was for $10,000 dollars that was awarded to State Representative Roberta Abdul Salaam for her fake ass shell corporation called ” The Riverdale Technical College Foundation “, as this money was not used for the purpose of this grant, and she had as a non profit which she did not have a non profit status with the IRS or Georgia State Revene, then she given the whole grant to another no-profit called Awesome Inc. which was totally illegal, and now since with these AssClowns withholding this embarrassment from leaking out the statue of limitations has expired to bring these crime to the court system , really has it, most people would say NO dealing with Taxpayers money in this large amount.

This is totally a federal and state crime of stealing taxpayers money on this large scale. Wow Clayton County Manger, Clayton County Finance Director Angela Jackson, and Clayton County Commissioners, Ralph, Singleton, Hambrick really knows how to hide things like this from everyone, and they think their dirty deeds will not be uncovered how dare them.

I think I will go up to the next Clayton County Commissioners meeting an Georgia Department of Community Affairs demand a money for my fake ass shell company for a Grant like this.

3: City of Morrow ex-City Manger/Council member John Lampl

4: City of Forest Park City Council woman Barbie Williams

5: City of Lovejoy ex-Mayor Joe Murphy

But this reporter thinks this is just the start to weed out all the crooked clayton county elected officials, other non elected officials and employees.

But this great work does not stop there, as Tracy Lawson the Clayton County District Attorney as well as her office of employees has done a fine job in putting away the murders, rapist, and other major criminals that commits major crimes against the citizens of Clayton County.

The Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson is the only Crime Frighter here in Clayton County and yes she is No Superman, or Batman or Robin, but she is the only Batwoman real Crime Fighter here in Clayton County as her own record shows it and with her dedicated office of employees.

The only thing this reporter can say please Clayton County DA Tracy Lawson and your office of dedicated employees please keep up the Great Job you all are doing and please never let up and keep up the pressure on what your doing no matter where any trail goes and brings to these crooked elected officials and their cronies of friends to bring them all to Justice all cost. As Clayton County DA Tracy Lawson has saved the Taxpayers ( Citizens ) of Clayton County a lot of money since she was elected.

This reporter just hopes the law can be changed that if anyone that is under any grand jury indictment or just indictment or on charges should not be allowed to run for any elected office period in this the State of Georgia until they are totally cleared of all charges or indictments.